How to Selectively Purchase Emulational Airplane Model
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Some advice from Shantou Tongde Craft Products Co., Ltd., a company has more than 10-year experience in airplane model production, about how to choose and purchase hign quality airplane models.

1. From scale

Nowadays, many irregular factories make counterfeit airplane models by pictures searched from Internet and without authorizations or permissions from airlines or aircraft manufacturers. This kind of airplane models is not quite true from originals. Oppositely, high-level emulation and quality plane models produced by regular manufacturers are scale down based on data of real planes, which makes the models more delicate and more accurate.

2. From craftsmanship

(1) Surface doesn’t turn yellow and colors aren’t faded.

For cost reduction, irregular factories make airplane models through cheap materials and paints. It seems that these models are almost the same with those produced by regular manufacturers. However, their surfaces will turn yellow and have color fading when kept long. That’s one of the reasons why prices from some factories are so low.

To ensure the product quality, superior materials and paints that are safe and environmental friendly are chosen by regular manufactures to produce airplane models which have long quality guarantee period. Their surfaces are not easy to turn yellow and colors remain bright.

(2) Components are assembled tightly.

Due to irregular factories’ production technique limitation and cost decrease, inferior materials chosen often result in poor quality airplane models whose wings, engines and stabilizers drop off or break easily. It also probably causes damage and a higher loss rate during transportation.

Not only premium materials but also quality control is adapted by regular manufacturers during production process to ensure model quality, including pvc inners, foam inners and sponges, so that models can be packed well. Even a 7-layer outer carton is used to protect model from damage in transit.

(3) Glossy surface, lifelike livery, bright painting

To pursue high output blindly and decrease more production cost, irregular factories lack of one of the important procedures---quality control. So there is something wrong with models, such as dull colors, unsmooth lines and rough appearances.

Regular manufacturers are implementing the principle of "quality guaranteed, customer first", they have QCs in every procedure as well as professional designers and skilled production team, which ensures livery on model lifelike to meet our customers’ demands.