Registration of Computer Software Copyright
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Recently, according to the Regulation on Computers Software Protection and the Registration of Computer Software Copyright Procedures, upon qualification examination and varification by the Copyright Protection Center of China, our company 3 copyrights of the CNC for Airplane Model Crafts, the Reference System for 3D Resulting Design of Airplane Model and the CNC Processing Software for Airplane Model Crafts were identified as original and registered by the National Copyright Administration of the P.R.C. From the date of issue, our 3 software copyrights have had effective protection from the Copyright Protection Center of China.

It is a milestone for our company to work on intellectual property right. It completely reflects our advanced technology and equipment and independent initiative spirit. It means we gain the acceptance and recognition on our independent intellectual property right, which improves our core competition and the position in the industry. All the efforts of our technical team and marketing team ecourage us to move on to provide customers with better products and services.